Chris Parks: The comedian is ‘not a clown’ in a new video

June 18, 2021 0 Comments

Chris Parks is not a clown, but he was the subject of a recent video that was released by a group called the Roast Comedy Association.

In it, Parks talks about the idea of “getting it right,” about his new comedy show “A Very Chris Parks Show” and how he’s learned to take it in stride.

The video has been shared more than 9 million times.

In the video, Parks, who is also the host of “Chimney Watch,” talks about how he and his team at “The Chris Parks Podcast” have come up with a new series of videos that focus on topics such as the American Dream and his own life.

“We’ve made a show that’s been around for a couple years and it’s just a great platform to show how hard I’ve been working to make a show and it has an audience,” Parks said.

“It’s a platform where I get to talk about my experiences in life and it gives me the opportunity to share some really positive things about myself.

And it’s a great opportunity to get people to come watch a comedy show.”

The show is the brainchild of Parks and comedian Chris Martel, who also wrote the script for “Avery.”

The duo are now in the process of getting their own show on VH1.

For more on the show, check out a video of the episode below.

Check out the full video below.