Comedian Steve Smith joins TalkSport

June 18, 2021 0 Comments

Comedian Steven Smith is set to return to talkSport with fellow comic, Sarah Cooper, for a special event on Tuesday night at 9pm.

Smith will join fellow comedian Sarah Cooper for the first time on TalkSport at the MCG.

Cooper will host her first live show since leaving TalkSport in June.

Smith and Cooper will be joined by host Tony Wilson and former rugby league player Stephen Smith.

Smith, from Hobart, has been a regular on Talk Sport for some time, having started out as a commentator before returning to the format with the show in November.

The two comedians had been discussing a new comedy project together and have since worked together on projects including the comedy series ‘Black Comedy Movies’, which has been nominated for several awards including best new series, and ‘Black Comedies, which won best new comedy.

Smith’s new project will be the first of its kind in the sports media landscape.

Cooper said he was “trying to do something I haven’t done in the last three years”.

“I’ve got a lot of ideas for the next few years,” Cooper said.

“I’ve just got to figure it out.”

Smith said he’d like to be in a studio with Cooper at some point, and Cooper said they’d also be interested in collaborating on the upcoming film ‘A Day To Remember’.

“I think the movie will be a great one to work on, because there’s a lot in it,” Cooper joked.

Smith said the project would be “very interesting” for him.

“I would love to do it with Sarah Cooper,” he said.

Coop said it was a dream come true to return as a presenter for TalkSport.

“Sarah’s a really good host, I’ve never had a chance to work with her before,” Cooper added.

“We’ll see what happens.”

Smith and the rest of the panel will be in Sydney on Tuesday to discuss the state of Australian sport and the future of the AFL.

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