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VIC HEENLEY has spoken out about his experience with depression, claiming that he’s now a better man and a better comedian after struggling with his condition for more than a decade.

The comedian, who is best known for his roles in The Office and Saturday Night Live, said that his struggles with depression are “still a problem” for him, and he revealed that he had undergone a “catastrophic” treatment for his condition when he was just 24.

“I was 24 years old and I was working in a movie studio and the director was going to put me in the room and do a scene and I didn’t feel it was going anywhere, so I got really depressed,” he told Entertainment Tonight.

“And the next day I had an epiphany.

I went to the doctor, I went and I said, ‘I don’t feel right.

I can’t do this.'””

I said, I’m depressed, I don’t want to work.

I’ve got no idea what I’m going to do with myself, I can barely function in the moment.

And then he said, well you’re going to have a few days where you’re not depressed, you’re in this little, tiny place, and then you get back to normal.”

Read moreVIC HEenley has been working as a comedian for more a decade, but he has been diagnosed with depression.

The comedian revealed that the diagnosis came about after “being the victim of the most severe and prolonged form of my condition” – an illness he has described as a “psychiatric emergency” due to the way he was treated by psychiatrists for his own mental health.

“That was the first day that I had a mental breakdown,” he said.

After the police got involved I was assaulted in the middle of a busy street,” she wrote. “

And I said well, it’s because I’m a comedian.”VIC HENDERSON has revealed that she was diagnosed with PTSD after suffering an incident with the police after being racially abused in the streetIn a series of tweets, Vic Henderson revealed that, as a young woman, she was repeatedly sexually assaulted by police officers while being interviewed about an incident she had just witnessed in an alleyway.

“After the police got involved I was assaulted in the middle of a busy street,” she wrote.

“I was asked to move my head and I thought, what am I doing?”

She added that she feared the police would “rape me again”.

“I told the police ‘I’m not going to move, they’ll rape me again’.”

“I knew I was being abused, I was raped, I felt scared, I thought it was all going to end, I wasn’t going to live with this for another 10 years,” she added.

Read more”The police came and asked me to move and I had to take the handcuffs off and I couldn’t move, I couldn