Amy Schumer performs for crowd of women who were ‘shocked’ at being treated as objects

July 2, 2021 0 Comments

Comedian Amy Schumer has performed at the Women’s March on Washington on Saturday and has been widely praised for her bold protest against racism and sexism.

The performance was one of several held across the country on Saturday to celebrate women’s rights, and sparked a backlash on social media from some conservatives.

The actress, who is the founder of the Women�s March on the US, has also been called sexist for making her protest in a dress that showed her bare legs.

Many in the crowd were shocked to be treated as human objects and were told to put on the dress.

They said it was a sexist act, with one woman calling the dress a “ghetto” and another saying it was the “same thing as the Klan”.

Another said the “sickening” protest was not meant to offend anyone.

She said: “It’s very sickening to see that a person can do something so disgusting.

The fact that a woman can dress like this is a sickening thing to see.”

But others said the demonstration was just a protest.

One woman said: �This is not a racist protest, this is not about anything but empowering women.

We don�t have a problem with women dressing like this, just a woman dressed like this wearing a suit and tie is a very dangerous thing for a woman to do.”The Women�m�s Campaign, a women�s group which has organised similar protests, said it had raised more than $15m (£9.4m) in donations and helped to secure hundreds of thousands of dollars for the march.

It said the march had brought women together and given people the power to make change in their communities.

But some critics criticised Schumer for her decision to wear the dress on the march, saying she showed disrespect to the people who were there to protest.

A spokesperson for Schumer said she did not think it was appropriate to wear a dress with a symbol that has been associated with the KKK.”

As a woman, I know how uncomfortable it can be to wear something that has such a negative connotation, especially as a symbol of a violent and racist movement,” the spokesperson said.”

We don�T want to see any woman wearing a black dress or a black skirt on the streets of the US.

We want to show that our country is not racist and we are proud to be the country where women are able to walk the streets and wear what they want.

“The Womenm�r march has been an incredible success and we have received amazing support from our community, as well as from many other cities and states across the US.”

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