How to use ‘bitch’ in comedy jokes

July 15, 2021 0 Comments

In the wake of the death of comedian Robin Williams, we’re beginning to hear more about the way jokes can be used to promote violence against women.

In a new interview with the New York Times, a female comedian tells how she learned to use a sexist joke to promote her feminist stance.

In the interview, she uses a scene from the documentary, Blackfish to highlight a scene in the movie where a character talks about how “a bitch” can help “give her man a break”.

She then uses the phrase to describe a character’s response to this character’s comments.

“I was really taken aback by it,” she says.

“You’re saying to a woman in the film, ‘That bitch can give a man a back break, or at least make him think twice before hitting on you.'”

She later goes on to explain that she is not anti-feminist, but that she’s “a feminist”.

The woman also discusses how the joke was inspired by the film Blackfish, which she watched as a teenager.

“The film is really powerful and really relevant to the issue,” she tells the Times.

This is not the first time the woman has used sexist language to promote feminism. “

In the film [Blackfish], we see how the patriarchy works, and how it has its effects on the way that women are treated.”

This is not the first time the woman has used sexist language to promote feminism.

In 2014, she wrote a book titled, The Feminist Dilemma: How to Talk to a Feminist about Your Issues.

“This is not my first rodeo,” she told the New Yorker.

“It’s a lot more than that.”

The New Yorker article also features a clip from the film.

In it, Williams, who died in November, speaks to a fictional character in a fictional relationship.

“There’s a character who’s really interested in you, and she’s got this idea of a friendship,” Williams says.

She then asks the character to consider “what you would do if she had your penis.”

The woman then uses sexist language: “If she could just fuck her pussy.

I mean, what a bitch.”

She continues to speak with the character, but at one point she uses the term “bitch” to describe what she thinks is a feminist approach.

“What a bitch?” she asks the woman, before adding: “You’ve got your vagina, and then you’ve got a dick, and you’ve just got your cunt.

It’s a really bad idea.”

“The truth is, we’ve had a lot of time to reflect and we’ve come to understand that it’s really important for us to be able to articulate and talk about our beliefs and our issues and our experiences and the ways in which we’re living in this society and how we’re struggling with our problems and our lives,” she continues.

“That’s a very feminist way to think about it.”

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