How to watch ‘HBO’ series ‘Hoosier’ on Netflix

July 7, 2021 0 Comments

The first season of HBO’s “Hoosiers” is coming to Netflix on March 16.

Netflix said in a statement that it is launching “HBO’s first series of ‘Hooiers,'” the title of the new HBO series created by John Wells and Adam Scott.

It is the first season from HBO’s production company, HBO Films.

Netflix also announced it is adding “Hooios: A Comedy,” a 30-minute docuseries on the careers of comedians.

The series will premiere on March 23.

HBO said it will be releasing the first half of its “Hooniverse” programming on March 24.

The series follows the life of the comedian “Hooli” Wozniak, who became the toast of the town by playing a recurring character on the hit HBO series “Sex and the City.”

Wozniack’s life on the show, which was originally filmed in 2002, is not included in the series’ launch on Netflix.