How to watch the best comedy shows in China

July 4, 2021 0 Comments

A new documentary has revealed the best TV comedy shows and movies in China.

The film was produced by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and The Guardian, and features some of the countrys most well-known names including Ricky Gervais, Ricky Glam and Stephen Fry.

The documentary is titled ‘Beijing TV: A Comedy Show For China’.

It was shown at the National Theatre in Beijing last week.

In it, the Australian presenter Stephen Fry discusses some of his favourite shows in the country.

“Beijing is not a city you want to live in.

It’s a city where you want a good time, where you don’t want to be too boring, where there’s lots of people, and there’s very good food.

There are no rules,” he said.”

But it’s a very nice city, and it’s very expensive, so you should get a ticket.”

You can get a good night out there.

“Fry said he would often stay at a hotel, and would take a cab home.”

If you go to a restaurant or a restaurant and you have a big table and you want some people, then you’ll have a party.

If you have no people, you’ll be like, ‘Oh, I’m not in the mood’,” he said, explaining the restaurant he frequented was “The Great Wall of China”.”

I went to the restaurant in Beijing and I had a great time.

But then I went home and I got an email saying I was in the wrong place.

I didn’t even know it was going to be a party, and I didn.

I’d have to do a bit of a re-watch to realise what had happened.

“It is the same story in the Chinese comedy scene.

In the documentary, Fry is asked to discuss his favourite Chinese comedy show.”

It’s called The Big Fat Chinese Comedy Show,” he says.”

That’s a big-time show with a big, fat audience.

The most popular is called The Chinese Comedy Party.

And the best shows are the ones that have a very small audience, and they’re like, you know, just for the love of it.

“The Big Fat Big Fat Party is great, it’s so good.”

The documentary also reveals that one of the most popular shows in Beijing is “A New Generation”.

“It features all sorts of funny people, the funniest people in China,” Fry said.

“A lot of them are Chinese, and a lot of the people in the show are very funny.

You can see a lot more people, there are more people doing the same thing. “

[The show] is a good introduction to Chinese comedy.

You can see a lot more people, there are more people doing the same thing.

It has more comedy than the other shows in that list.”

He was also asked about his favourite films.

“I’m really a big fan of The Man Who Killed Mr Burns, The Room,” Fry says.

“I love the opening scene where he’s looking at himself in the mirror and he’s like, look at this, it is me.”

The Australian actor has been a regular on the Chinese TV circuit since 1997, and has hosted his own show “The One Show”.