Why the ‘MMA’ fight wasn’t the best idea

July 4, 2021 0 Comments

It was a big, loud, chaotic fight in the middle of the night.

The UFC did what it had to do to beat the UFC, and that was to fight.

This fight was going to be bigger than the UFC.

And it was going, it was the best possible way for us to make a statement and make a splash.

And it didn’t.

The fight was delayed a few hours, and a lot of people are upset.

It was an epic, big fight, and it wasn’t what it could have been.

The fans wanted it to be.

The media wanted it.

But the UFC was not prepared for the reaction it received, and rightfully so.

It shouldn’t have to wait a week to fight, but it did.

It should have waited a week after the fight was over.

It didn’t, and the fight should never have been delayed.

There are a few things I would have liked to change.

I would like to have seen the fight called off early, and given the UFC some time to prepare for the next fight.

I also would have loved for the fans to be more vocal about the issues they’re facing.

But it’s the UFC’s fight and they should make their decision.

It’s a good fight, a great fight, an entertaining fight, something for fans to root for.

And then you get to the finish.

And the end.

And they were not there to be there, and they did not deserve that finish.

The UFC was out of control, and its actions were not in keeping with the sport it was trying to become.

They should have been more focused on the next event, and on the long term success of the sport.