‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ season finale ‘unexpectedly dark’

On the final episode of HBO’s “Curb,” a comedic drama about an unemployed comedian who is struggling with depression and addiction, the series’ star Jon Cryer spoke with The Hill about his decision to play the role of an alcoholic in the show’s final episode.

“It was one of the most difficult decisions I’ve ever made in my life,” Cryer told The Hill in an exclusive interview.

“The only thing I knew for sure is that I wasn’t going to be able to do it.

I had to figure out what was going to work, what wasn’t, and what was still a possibility.

The thing is, it was unexpected and heartbreaking.

It was very, very dark, and I had a great deal of compassion for the people who were struggling with it.

So I had no choice but to be there.”

In the finale, “Curtis,” Cryers character is able to escape the self-destructive life of his father, and the rest of the series, by taking a life-changing trip to Thailand.

“It’s a very big trip, so we’re really happy to see that it’s not a big failure,” Cryes said of his trip to the Thai countryside.

“And then we get to the end and it’s so exciting to see what’s going to happen in the final episodes.”

The actor said he found the show “so much more fun and so much more relatable” when he got to the point of being an alcoholic.

He also spoke about how the series helped him come to terms with his drug use.

“I was kind of a new kid in town and I really just needed to get my feet wet, and that was probably what I was missing in my early years,” Cryed said.

“I remember the first time I went to Thailand I was in a motel and I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life, and there was this guy in the lobby who had his camera rolling and he was like, ‘This is the only place I’ll ever go.’

I was like: ‘Really?’

Then I went down to Thailand, and they were really good to me.

That’s when I really got to know how to handle myself and be honest about what was happening to me.”

The Hill: You were able to get away with it, but what happened when you returned to Los Angeles?

Cryer: It was a lot more challenging than I thought it would be, and at that point I was really, really depressed.

And I had never been to Thailand before.

And then the first couple days of filming I got up and I said to my wife, ‘I’m going to go to Thailand.’

And she was like ‘Oh, really?

Oh my God, that’s so crazy.

You’re going to get wasted, and then you’re going back to your hotel room.’

It was like my world came crashing down.

And so the next day, I went out for a run, and as I walked down the street I started having a panic attack and I got scared.

I’m just like, man, I’m a drunk.

It’s just so crazy to me now, how that happened.

“But when I got back home I just kind of got back to being me again, and it was really cathartic to just be myself again.

It just feels good to have a voice back again.

And to be honest, I just couldn’t let that go.”

I was a very, kind, open, funny, open-minded person, but I was also very troubled and a little bit selfish, and so I had some problems.

I was a little afraid to be alone and I was afraid to go out.

But I really felt like I had it in me.

I never let myself down and I never allowed myself to let other people down either.

I didn�t let myself think, ‘Oh no, I’ve gotta get out of here.’

That was really hard for me to do.

And the people that were there for me were just so good.

And they were like, `Don’t go, go to the bar.’

It’s like a magic moment.

“Curtise: The whole idea of a series like this is to take someone that’s lost and give them the support and the support structure that they need.

That was a big part of what it was about.

Cryers family is from Australia and his father is a retired policeman.

But the actor said that his father was also a veteran and he grew up in a working-class neighborhood.”

That’s how he was. “

‘You work, you get money, you go on vacation.’

That’s how he was.

I always felt like my dad was always working and that I was always struggling.

He never gave me a hard time