What’s next for comedy clubs in Seattle?

Comedians, musicians and fans are heading to the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle for a two-day event that will kick off with a roast and a special performance.

The event will feature a panel discussion with comedians and the return of a beloved musical act, the King Tut Tut and King Tut II, which has been performing in Seattle since 2003.

“We are delighted to be bringing our beloved shows to Seattle,” said Seattle City Council Member Rob Johnson, who will host the event.

“The King Tut and the King-Tut show is the pinnacle of King Tut’s career.

It is truly a special event for all of us here in Seattle.

The crowd for this will be amazing.

We’re all excited for this.”

The event will begin at noon on Wednesday, April 17, at the Capitol Lawn in front of the Capitol Visitor Center.

A free and open seating area will be available for those who wish to sit.

The event’s title, “The Comedy Club and the Queen Tut,” is a reference to the two shows that King Tut performed on the island of Tutankhamen.

The King Tut show was staged at the King Museum, while the Queen-Tuts show was performed at the Seattle Theatre.

The two shows are both performed on Tutankah Island, which was built by King Tut in 1697.

The Queen Tut show has become a cultural icon in the United States and worldwide.