When to be naked, not naked

Posted February 09, 2019 07:59:25When to be nude, not nude is a new advice column published by The Atlantic, the magazine that covers the arts and entertainment.

The column aims to highlight the importance of privacy and to help people think about how they use their bodies in the digital age.

The column’s title is “Be Naked, Not Naked.”

Here’s how the editors described the advice:”In the age of the selfie, when we have the power to snap a selfie in our own home, and the power and opportunity to share it, and we are not wearing a bra, to be fully naked, with a bra on, in public, with our friends, and in public is one of the most important parts of being a naked person.”

We also have a power to express ourselves in a space that is intimate, and this is one the greatest pleasures of being naked.

We can explore our bodies, our minds, and our desires without being exposed to people we would normally be embarrassed to be with.

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