The King of Comedy has been acquired by a global digital media company

A Canadian comedian is set to join a global media company that specializes in streaming and comedy, the CBC has learned.

The King of Comics, based in Vancouver, will have a global presence that includes a new website, an app and a digital platform, according to a company representative.

The King will also have a platform that allows its comedians to reach millions of viewers, including those who can’t make it to Toronto for live comedy shows.CBC News has reached out to Comedy Central to confirm the news and will update this story when it is received.

Comedian Adam Conover, who was one of three comedians selected to participate in the 2017 Canada Day broadcast, will launch the new comedy app, The Comedy Show, on Thursday.

The company, founded by Canadian comedian and actor Adam Conroy, was originally founded to bring live comedy to Canada’s biggest cities.

It will be the first global streaming comedy platform to launch in Canada.

The comedian, who is also known as The Great Adam Con, told CBC News in an interview last week that he was excited to be joining a global network of comedians, and he believes The King has a great platform to reach his audience.

“The King is a platform to make all these amazing comedians feel comfortable and have fun with their work and their audience,” he said.

“It’s a platform for them to connect with each other, it’s a way to create a sense of community, it allows you to interact with other comedians, it lets you create a community around your show and it helps you grow.”

Comedians who are chosen to appear on The King include former CBC comedy host Dan Abrams, current CBC Radio host Paul F. Tompkins, and the late Peter Mansbridge.CBC Radio is among the broadcasters on The Crown, which will air the King’s new show as part of its CBC Radio 4 Newscast.

The show will be available on the streaming platform on April 24.