What’s happening at uptown club?

The New York Times reports the uptown New York Comedy Club is shutting down its doors at the end of June, with only a handful of performers left.

In addition, the Times reports that the club has reportedly closed all of its doors.

The Times reports, “The venue’s landlord, the owners of the Manhattan strip club Big Boi, is now suing the city for breach of contract.

Last week, Big Bois owner David S. Goodman sued the city and the city’s attorney general for allegedly failing to make progress on an eviction notice.

The city, meanwhile, has asked a judge to dismiss Goodman’s lawsuit, arguing that it is premature to proceed with eviction proceedings.

The owners of uptown’s New York City Comedy Club say they plan to reopen under new management, but that the space remains vacant and the only remaining comedian is an unknown.

 It’s not the first time uptown has struggled to fill its new comedy clubs.

In January, the owner of the upto-3 Club, a local club that opened in 2006, announced that it would close in June.

The club’s owner, Brian Siegel, has since stated that he plans to take over the space and start over as a comedy club, but many have speculated that the venue may eventually shut down completely.

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