What’s next for the romance comedy genre?

A new wave of romantic comedys has begun to take hold.

With the rise of the internet, the ability to share and collaborate on screenwriting, and the popularity of the format, there’s an ever-increasing demand for new stories and a wider range of films. 

Now that the new wave is over, what is next for romance comedies?

Here’s our top ten:1.

The Last Kiss (2006) In 2006, The Last Kiss opened the door to a new era of romantic comedy, with a female lead and an ensemble cast of characters. 

In this film, Jennifer Aniston plays a single woman who goes to college to study nursing, but her romantic life is turned upside down when she meets a cute young man (played by Sam Rockwell) who offers her a job. 

With an all-female cast, it’s difficult to pinpoint the origins of this film’s popularity.

The plot seems to have evolved from a simple love story about a single girl and a guy, but its origins are also an interesting one. 


The Wedding Singer (2012) A classic in the genre, The Wedding Singer is a tale of two sisters. 

The plot revolves around the sister (played in the film by Emily Blunt) who is in love with her sister’s best friend (played also by Emily) and decides to get married at a fancy wedding venue. 

After a disastrous date and an epic wedding night, she realizes that the wedding night was a mistake and she’s going to leave. 

She sets out on a search to find a new husband.


The Bachelorette (2009) The first of the modern-day romances, The Bachelorettes is the first to incorporate female love.

The story follows a woman (played again by Blunt, who is also in the movie) as she attempts to woo her boyfriend of three years. 

But when he suddenly returns home, she becomes enamored with him.


The Wedding Crashers (2010) The second modern-age romances to embrace female love is The Wedding Crackers, which follows a single man who decides to take a break from his marriage and move in with his girlfriend. 

While the film’s plot centers around the relationship between a woman and her boyfriend, the film does focus on the relationship with her best friend. 

It’s the only film in the modern age to include a female love interest.


The Bachelor (2011) While this film focuses on the first love triangle in a film, its a good one.

The film is based on a true story about the story of a young couple who get engaged. 

And while the plot centers on the love between a man and his wife, the romance is actually centering around a woman’s friendship with her girlfriend.


The Big Short (2013) Another modern-aged romance, The Big Scary Short follows a bank robber who is caught up in a massive fraud. 

When the police find out about it, the bank runs into financial trouble and it’s up to a group of characters to help him out. 

 With a female-centric plot, the plot could have been much more complex, but it still managed to tell a compelling story.


The Big Wedding (2014) This is one of the more recent modern-era romances.

The Bachelor follows the life of a married couple in which they have to juggle their career, love, and family life, while also trying to be the best they can be to their loved ones. 

Though the plot is centered around a married woman, its also about a woman trying to navigate the pressures of being a single parent.


Love Actually (2015) While the plot of Love Actually is focused on a single mother trying to get through the pressure of raising a single child, the love triangle isn’t the only romance in the romantic comedy genre. 

Love Actually centers on a couple who are in a long-term relationship and have to navigate a long road to be together.


Love Actually 2 (2016) This is the second of the Love Actually films.

Love Does Not Exist focuses on a woman who is trying to find love in a relationship, but the plot also centers on her relationship with a man. 

Although the plot isn’t centered around love itself, the relationships are, and it makes for a great drama.


The Last Laugh (2017) If you’ve seen The Big Wedding, you know the film is centered on a romantic comedy. 

As a result, this film is a perfect example of the romantic comedy genre.

This film follows a married family trying to reconcile their love for each other.

 The characters are all played by women, and its one of those films that has a large cast of supporting characters who are