When comedian Erik Myers calls for Trump to be impeached

ERIK MYERS, Comedian, “Comedians” is a weekly show hosted by comedian Erick Erickson.

Myers, who is married to the actress Amber Tamblyn, was among several Republican senators who joined a letter last week calling for President Donald Trump to resign, following his decision to rescind protections for transgender students.

He has been a critic of Trump’s immigration policies, calling the president “unfit” for office.

The letter was signed by Sens.

Ben Sasse (R-NE), Mike Lee (R.L.) and Ted Cruz (R.-TX).

The White House did not respond to an email from The Associated Press seeking comment.

The Republican senators and others in the letter said Trump’s decision to end the federal protections for the transgender students was a dangerous step toward undermining civil rights.

They also said Trump had made a “lame apology” to transgender students and that his actions were discriminatory.

They said they hope Trump is impeached.

In response to the letter, Trump’s office said in a statement: The president has always been clear that he will not tolerate discrimination on the basis of sex.

We have made clear that this is not an exception, and that he is not seeking to use his bully pulpit to silence his opponents.

The White and Congressional Black Caucus have said they will continue to support Trump and work to defeat the Democrats’ agenda.

In response to Myers’ comments, Sasse said Trump should resign because his actions “violate the rights of transgender students to be free from discrimination in schools and in government.”

Lee said the administration’s actions were “reprehensible.”

He called the president’s decision a “dangerous precedent” and a “threat to all Americans.”

Cruz called the administration “a disgrace to our nation.”