Why 80s Comedians Died in Movies, Too

80s comedies are a treasure trove of gems, but they’re also a lot of trouble.

Here are 10 of the worst movies we’ve ever seen.


The Last Days of Disco: This 1980s movie about a young man named David who finds himself in the middle of a disco craze has some pretty great lines: “I’m going to the disco, dude.

I’m going back to my roots.

I need to go back to the place where I grew up, and my momma told me I was supposed to go to.”

The Last Day of Disco has a lot going for it.

There’s plenty of dancing and a good amount of singing, and it’s a little bit of a dark ride.

And the cast is absolutely terrific: the cast of The Mary Tyler Moore Show, The Mary Sue, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and even the cast and crew of The Simpsons.

But the acting is just terrible.

It’s a bit like The Exorcist in that it’s all about the actors.

And you don’t have much choice in the matter.


The Devil’s Playhouse: This 1986 movie follows a group of students as they attempt to escape from a school full of demonic spirits.

The students must face off against demons and other supernatural forces.

They face off with demons, witches, and evil spirits, and a lot goes down in a really brutal fight scene.

The devil’s playhouse is an interesting place to spend a lot more time in than you might expect.

It was also the film that inspired The Exquisite Corpse.


The Big Chill: This 1985 movie is set in a world that’s pretty grim, filled with violence, and full of demons.

And yet it’s so beautifully made that you feel like you’re there.

The characters have a lot to say, and they have an incredible amount of chemistry.

They even have their own distinct dialect.

The film is so good that you actually want to go see it again, even though it’s no longer in theaters.

It might not be the best movie, but it’s still worth seeing.


The Ring: This 1990s film follows a young boy who falls into the ring of a demon named Yagyu, and his girlfriend, a woman named Nagisa.

Yagyus and Nagisa become a couple.

But there’s a lot that’s just awful in the movie.

The script has a bit of everything, with lots of cursing, bad jokes, and general awfulness.

There is also some good stuff in the final act, which is when Yag and Nagashis son Yagu dies.

It has a very memorable ending, though.


The Matrix: This Matrix film takes place in a future where humans have been reduced to virtual slaves by the computer program known as The Matrix.

The humans have to work for The Matrix, but the Matrix is also a place of death and oppression.

There are plenty of characters who have a very dark backstory that can make them interesting, but most of them don’t stick.

The final act of the film is also terrible, as well.


The Wolf of Wall Street: This 1989 film is about a New York hedge fund manager named Donald who has a crush on a beautiful, blonde beauty named Mary Lou.

She comes to visit him, and he’s a big fan of her.

They end up getting into an intense fight over her, and Donald ends up killing her.

The fight itself is very good, but Mary Lou is just a character.

The story of the movie is interesting enough, but The Wolf is an absolute disappointment.


The Mummy: This 1987 horror film is set during the Great Mummy craze.

A young woman named Anastasia falls in love with a mummy, but her boyfriend, the mummy, is a psychopath.

Anastas parents are killed in the process, and Anastia is left with no choice but to kill herself.

It is a dark story, but a beautiful one, and the story of Anasta’s parents is so beautiful that you can’t help but love the characters.


The Lost Boys: This 1991 British horror film follows two brothers who have to go through the horrors of being kidnapped, tortured, and murdered by a group called the Lost Boys.

The movie doesn’t quite have that much to say.

There aren’t many characters, but there’s plenty to love about this film.


The Incredibles: This 1994 animated film stars the same group of misfits that you might find in The Incredibly Popular, but this film is more about family, and how you can help your family out.

There have been so many animated films that have tried to do the same thing, but none have succeeded as well as The Incincibles.

It doesn’t really do anything new.

The only thing that stands out is the ending.


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