How to become a good stand-up comedian: How to get noticed in New York

New York’s comedy scene has a reputation for being tight and tight-knit.

That can be frustrating, especially if you’re not from the city.

But one of the most popular comics in the city, John Henson, is looking to change that.

The former member of the comedy troupe The B-52’s has written a book, “The Rules of Comedy,” that is the subject of an upcoming New York Times bestseller.

Henson’s book covers how to become successful in New Jersey, and in particular, his own state.

The book, which will be published in June, was written by New York Magazine editor and former New York City resident Joe Conners.

In the book, Henson tells the story of how he became the comic he is today, the way that he went from being the youngest person in the audience to the youngest performer in New Yorker history.

For more than 30 years, he has worked as a stand-ups coach, mentor, and friend.

As a comedian, Henons work is the source of much pride in his hometown of Manhattan, but in the end, his personal life and career has brought him to the stage.

In “The Rule of Comedy” Henson writes that he “didn’t have any ambition” in the first place, and that his parents had told him that they “didn ‘t know what I wanted to be when I grow up.”

In his book, he says that he came to the realization that he wanted to do something in the entertainment industry that would give him something to prove.

The rule is, you can do whatever you want as long as it’s something you want to do, which is why I’m writing this book.

He goes on to say that he is confident in his ability to break through to the public and be successful as a comic, but that he believes he needs to “grow up a little bit.”

One of his favorite things to do is sit in front of a microphone and act like he’s on a TV show, and Henson says that his goal with this book is to “show people what comedy is.”

He says that the book will be available for purchase on Amazon for $19.99, and he plans to launch an IndieGoGo campaign to help fund the book.

When asked about the book’s contents, Henzson said that he will write a few stories, and then will post the stories online for people to read.

He also said that if he does make it to the New York Comedy Fest, it will be a “special night” that will include a live audience.

We’ll see.

The comedian told the New Yorker that he has already written about 40 scripts and has “about five thousand words.”

While the majority of the stories are autobiographical, he said that there is a good deal of humor in the stories that he would like to explore.

Henzs first book is called “The First Five Minutes of Your Life,” and the first chapter focuses on a man who has never had a date and is in the process of getting one.

He describes how he went to a comedy club and was surprised by what he found, as well as the man’s lack of self-confidence.

The man, he writes, “is not a comedian; he’s a writer.

He is a comedian.”

The next chapter, titled “The Final Five Minutes,” focuses on an actor who is working as a waiter in a restaurant and has a girlfriend who has had a miscarriage.

He discusses how he tries to be more like a professional and how he feels he needs help.

Then, he describes the experience of trying to convince his wife that he should leave his girlfriend.

He writes that it was a great experience and the end result of a life that has been a struggle.

“The book ends with an anecdote about the comedian who was asked what it was like to live through all of this and he told me that it’s very hard to do what you want when you don’t have the experience,” he said.