How to get in the ATL comedy club: You don’t have to be a white dude

What if you had to travel around the world to get to Atlanta and the ATL Comedy Club?

That’s exactly what a group of friends decided to do.

They’re taking the trip on their own and in partnership with local comic book creator/director, Kevin O’Brien.

They have some cool incentives for participating: The first 10 people to attend will get $1,000.

The second 10 will get a free ticket to an Atlanta Comic-Con.

If you don’t get your ticket to Atlanta, you can still attend the night, but only if you get there early.

If someone gets a ticket, they can’t go in until someone gets there, so they’ll be stuck in the venue for the entire show.

If the show goes off without a hitch, O’Reilly and O’Connor will each be given a $5,000 check, with the proceeds going to a charity of their choice.

If you want to get the best seats in the house, head to the Comedy Store and snag tickets to the show for only $25.

And don’t forget to bring your ticket stub. 

More: O’Reilly is the first black comic in comics history to be inducted into the American Comic Book Hall of Fame.