How to save a comedian’s life

LONDON – A comedian who died last month aged 69 after suffering a brain aneurysm has written an obituary for his fans, saying that “his passing was like a gift”.

Cameron Laidlaw, an actor, comedian and TV host from Nottinghamshire, was found dead at his home in March, just days after he hosted a special on BBC1.

His funeral was held on Thursday, where he was buried in the small village of Huddersfield.

In his obit, Laidlaws widow Lianne told his fans to “take comfort in knowing that he was a man who loved his family”.

“There was no greater feeling than seeing him on stage,” she said.

Please keep him in your thoughts.””

He will be sorely missed.

Please keep him in your thoughts.”

Laidlaw was best known for playing the role of Tom in the hit BBC series Top of the Pops.

He also appeared on the BBC’s award-winning comedy The Sarah Silverman Program, which has been called “one of the most entertaining shows on television”.

In his final episode of his life, Liedh was seen on stage in a white gown and white trousers as he was performing his popular “Mister Laidback” routine, which featured him wearing a white coat and trousers and carrying a large black bag.

The late Liedhad said he was “in a good mood”, and was looking forward to seeing his family on his birthday in February.

“I’m sure the whole world will be watching me play Tom again when I come back,” he said.

Laidback, who starred in the show from 1987 to 1990, died at the age of 69, and Liedlaw has been honoured with a lifetime achievement award from the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.