The best apps that can help you save time and money on Apple TV, Apple Watch, and other smart TVs

Recode’s Adam Shaw explains how Apple TV’s new features are making it even more useful for the average consumer.

Read moreTechnology company comedia has introduced a new app to make it easier for Apple TV owners to save money.

The Apple TV app lets you search for apps, buy them, and use them to save more money on your Apple TV.

The app, called Apple TV Saving, comes from comedia and is currently only available for iPhones and iPads.

The company has been working on Apple TVs for a while.

It launched an Apple TV App Store a year ago.

Now, comedia says that the app is being extended to other Apple TVs, including the Apple TV Pro and Apple TV comedia also says that it will start making the app available to users of the Apple Watch and the Apple Pencil on Friday.

Comedia says it plans to start adding more smart TVs in the future.

It is also working on other features for Apple TVs like better access to apps, a more intuitive home screen, and a smarter way to keep track of your media libraries.