WATCH: Dark comedy movie ‘Hangin’ With My Dead Mum’ is the perfect fit for adult comedy

WATCH: Black comedian Hangin’ with My Dead Mom is a fitting fit for the dark comedy genre.

The comedy follows a young woman who discovers her daughter has cancer and moves to live with her grandparents in the US.

She is forced to choose between living with her grandmother or her mother.

The film is a light hearted comedy which highlights the family’s relationship with cancer, but also how much more personal it can be when you know it is the other way around.

This film also features a stellar cast of female comedians including the likes of Molly Shannon, Jessica McKenna and Taryn Manning, who all have a voice in the film.

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The film follows a family who lives with cancer and decides to move to the US to be closer to their loved ones.

The family is given a trailer, a few posters, a DVD, a poster, and the trailer itself which will help them navigate the transition.

The trailer is an eye-catching, but not too surprising look at a family living together in the middle of a cancer outbreak.

Watch the trailer now:Black Comedian, which is currently available on Blu Ray, DVD, Digital HD and Amazon Prime, is a perfect fit.

The story and characters are light heart and the film is very funny and relatable.

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