How to make a Broadway comedy off Broadway

“My favorite moment of the season,” Kristen Stewart told The Hollywood Reporter in September, when she told the audience that she’d been watching a bunch of new Broadway comedies in her neighborhood since she was 10.

And I’m glad that I did.

I’m a big fan of The Closer, a new show by writer-director Kristin Stewart and comedian-turned-actor Kermit Gosnell, which stars Stewart and Gosnell as an abusive father and his wife.

Stewart, who also wrote the original, is now in a much more relaxed and vulnerable place, having gotten off the medication she’s on to deal with her bipolar disorder and her marriage to the husband she married while on medication.

She tells THR that she was surprised by how well the show went.

“The Closer is really fun, but I think we’re really hitting our stride,” she says.

“We’re really at the stage where we’re making a show that’s very, very well-written.

We have some very good actors.

There’s a lot of really interesting characters.

We’re making something that is very, really well-executed.”

Gosnell and Stewart also directed and produced a movie, The Wedding Singer, in 2014.

Gosnell is also a director, and he is writing a script that Stewart and her co-stars are developing with their new production company, WNYC Studios.

The Closers is the first new show Stewart has made since a 2015 film, The Good Place.

Stewart is also developing another movie about a mother and her three daughters, which is due out next year.

And she has the first project she’s made for a production company.

“My mom is a very special person,” she tells THR.

“I’ve never met her.

She’s such a great person.

I’m grateful that I have this time to work with her.”

The Closure was originally shot in New York City, but Stewart and the actors and crew relocated to New Jersey to shoot the show.

“The Closes are all New York.

We were never going to go back there,” she explains.

“But we got a great deal of advice from the producers who live there and the local theater.”

And now that the show is going into production, Stewart and Stewart are looking forward to seeing it through to the end.

“We’ve always wanted to make it in New Jersey,” she said.

“If it’s a family show, we’ll do it.

If it’s an ensemble, we will.

I think it’s the right show for the right time.

The Closure is really exciting.

I feel like we’re in the right place.”