How to build a $10 billion startup with a $1 million seed fund

The most valuable startups in the world today are the ones that don’t exist.That’s because they’re the ones with an extremely small business model.The fact that these companies don’t have

Which is the best comedy of all time?

I’m gonna go with The Big Bang Theory, right?The network has proven to be an excellent source of entertainment for people who don’t know what a sitcom is, and The

The Best 90s Comedies That Are Still Happening in 2018

Best 90’s Comedy Movies That Are No Longer Being Made Source Associated Press article Best of the Best 90 to 100 Comedies: 10 Years Later – By Paul ScheerThe Best

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Why does Stardome Comedy Club need to hire more staff

By David Miller, The GuardianStardome, which opened in Los Angeles in October, has become a popular destination for comedy fans in the US, and its staff have a lot to

How to watch the World Cup with a laugh: How to laugh at everything in life

We live in a country that prides itself on being the laughingstock of the world, yet it is only recently that the country has truly embraced the notion of “loud

How to be a black comedian in America

On January 20, 2017, the New York Times published an article titled, “The Best TV Comedies of the 21st Century.”The article was written by David E. Simon and the article

Why 80s Comedians Died in Movies, Too

80s comedies are a treasure trove of gems, but they’re also a lot of trouble.Here are 10 of the worst movies we’ve ever seen.1.The Last Days of Disco: This 1980s

Bob Rubin, a New York City-based producer of ‘The Bob Rubin Show,’ dies at 88

Bob Rubin was a New Yorker-turned-TV producer whose shows like Bob’s Burgers, The Bob’s Burger Show and Bob’s Show with Bob were staples of the American TV landscape.Rubin had a

How to stop your brain from becoming a sitcom

Comedy off Broadway?You should try it.But you should probably stop doing it.Here’s why.1.Your brain is an incredibly creative place The brain is the best at processing visual information.It’s like a