Shehzad Ghias Shaikh

Stand-up comedian/Writer/Trainer

Shehzad Ghias Shaikh, the founder of Cogito Productions and Room for Improv-ment, has a decade of experience working in the theatre and television industry of Pakistan. He is also a journalistic scholar on theatre in Pakistan.

Shehzad performs stand up comedy all over Pakistan, the United States and Canada. He also tours with his improvisational comedy troupe and writes comedy and satire for various organizations.

Shehzad has degrees in law, arts and theatre. He offers workshops, trainings and speaking sessions on confidence building, communication, personality development, idea generation, team building, writing, acting, directing, improvisational and performing.

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Cogito Productions was created by Shehzad with the aim of social change and promoting thought through theatre in Pakistan. As part of Cogito Productions, Shehzad has written the following plays highlighting social issues.

  • Yeh Bhi Ek Kahani Hai ('This is also a story'), a play revolving around the issues faced from terrorism by the youth in Pakistan.
  • Raqs-e-Bismil ('The dance of the wounded'), a play based on the exploitation of religion in Pakistan to achieve political ends.
  • Khalla ('The Void'), a one man show based on schizophrenia.
  • Strangers in the Night, a musical based on women empowerment.
  • Zanana Bana na ('To make feminine'), a play seeking to highlight the patriarchal nature of society and women's rights.
  • Tauheen-e-insaniyat ('Disrepect of humanity'), a critique of the exploitation of blasphemy laws in Pakistan.
  • The Inherited journey, a story of refugees and forced migration.
  • Between two kisses, about minority rights, racism and freedom of choice.


Cogito and Shehzad regularly work with social organizations, NGOs and not for profit organizations to provide fundraising events and workshops. Cogito has closely worked with organizations such as Rahnuma, Jaag Meray Talib-e-ilm, Madadgar, AIESEC, Orange Tree Foundation and Naya Jeevan.

Workshops at also conducted at underprivileged schools as part of the social uplift of Pakistan.

Teacher training workshops for the Rahnuma Schooling Project at IVS, Karachi.

Teacher training workshops for the Rahnuma Schooling Project at IVS, Karachi.