Shehzad Ghias Shaikh

Stand-up comedian/Writer/Trainer

Shehzad Ghias Shaikh, the founder of Cogito Productions and Room for Improv-ment, has a decade of experience working in the theatre and television industry of Pakistan. He is also a journalistic scholar on theatre in Pakistan.

Shehzad performs stand up comedy all over Pakistan, the United States and Canada. He also tours with his improvisational comedy troupe and writes comedy and satire for various organizations.

Shehzad has degrees in law, arts and theatre. He offers workshops, trainings and speaking sessions on confidence building, communication, personality development, idea generation, team building, writing, acting, directing, improvisational and performing.

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Shehzad is one of the top Stand up Comedians in Pakistan, having performed at PACC, Arts Council Karachi, Al Hamra Lahore, Ali Auditorium Lahore, LUMS, T2F, Mad School, TKF, Szabist and LGS. Shehzad Ghias made his stand up comedy debut at The Second Floor in the summer of 2011, followed by a full set his comedy show 'One Night Stand' at the PACC Karachi in August 2010.

Shehzad's comedy tour of Pakistan with Nandos

Shehzad has performed over a 100 times all over Pakistan and the United States of America, including two national stand up comedy tours of Pakistan. In 2013, Shehzad collaborated with Nandos and Uth Oye to present 'Let the Grilling Begin: An Evening with Shehzad Ghias Shaikh', a stand up comedy tour of Pakistan.


Stand up comedy performance at TKF Lahore.

Stand up comedy performance at The Second Floor Karachi.

Stand up comedy performance at the Mad School Karachi.

Shehzad was invited by clubs all around the world to perform, currently Shehzad is in New York, performing at clubs as the Greenwich village comedy club and Broadway comedy club.

Review of Stand up performance at Kuch Khaas Islamabad:
"Shehzad Ghias was brash and forthcoming; he wasted no time in asking his audience, “How come you're here? Isn't it way past your bed time?” What was interesting was that he kept picking on Islamabad yet the audience seemed to love it. Not only did it show that Shehzad grasps the art of standup comedy but also that he made sure he had something to banter with his audience about - themselves.

Himself from Karachi, Shehzad made a point of highlighting the issues that plague the city, for instance, phone-snatching, and presented his own unique views on how they could be fixed. He went city-by-city, sparing no one. The best kind of comedy comes from the 'nothing is sacred' school of thought, and Shehzad proved that during his act.

The Laugh Out Loud Night by Kuch Khaas was unquestionably sidesplitting and better than expected. The performers brought the venue to life and offered their own flavour to everyday circumstances"

Performing at Kuch Khaas Islamabad

Review of Stand up performance at The Guitar School Lahore

Shehzad Ghias Shaikh is a stand-up comedian, the founder of Cogito Productions, a theatre actor and director. Needless to say, he lived up to the expectations of the crowd.

His performance was entertaining enough on its own, but giggling to himself after every joke he cracked had the audience amused further.

Sheikh made jokes about Pakistan’s only super hero “Commander Safeguard” as well as Taher Shah’s viral video, ‘Eye to eye.’

As the show went on, the  jokes got funnier. Sheikh went on to talk about how parents look for “rishta” (match) for their children and their peculiar demands.

“I’m at an age where all my parents are thinking about is marriage. It’s almost like when a guy gets to a certain age, there’s a notification that goes out, ‘Larka, attack, attack, attack!’ You can get a larka so specific it’s almost like you’re getting a burger. Gora, Sunni, lamba, extra mayo and roasted buns,” Sheikh said.

Interview in the News about Comedy workshops