How to be a black comedian in America

On January 20, 2017, the New York Times published an article titled, “The Best TV Comedies of the 21st Century.”The article was written by David E. Simon and the article

Which TV Comedy is the Best?

Comedy Central is the most popular TV network, with the channel being a perennial top choice for comedy fans and critics alike.Comedy Central’s lineup is a diverse group, from The

‘The Muppets’ is a great movie, but not a classic

The Muppettes is a classic and, well, one of the most beloved shows of all time.But there are a few movies out there that don’t get that recognition.The movie’s greatest

Which Canadian TV Shows Are Worth Watching?

July 23, 2021 0 Comments

Comedy off Broadway and in the movies has been making waves in Canada for years.Here are our top five best Canadian TV shows to watch this year: The CW comedy