DFW’s Comedian Steven Wright on his Comedy Clubs and His ‘Walking Dead’ Career

DFW, Texas—When he first arrived on the scene, Steven’s was a local comedy club that would have made an ideal setting for his stand-up act.Now, though, he’s a veteran of

What happens when a comedy club gets too popular?

DALLAS — Comedians like to tell jokes in the bathroom, or in the corner of the bathroom.They can be improvised, funny or serious.Comedians can do whatever they want in the

Which TV Comedy is the Best?

Comedy Central is the most popular TV network, with the channel being a perennial top choice for comedy fans and critics alike.Comedy Central’s lineup is a diverse group, from The

Comedy club dames to reopen in 2017

August 2, 2021 0 Comments

DALLAS, TX—The Comedy Club Dallas is set to reopen this weekend.The club was closed on July 26, 2017 after a fire destroyed the building and a number of other businesses.Now