How to make a Broadway comedy off Broadway

“My favorite moment of the season,” Kristen Stewart told The Hollywood Reporter in September, when she told the audience that she’d been watching a bunch of new Broadway comedies in

How to Watch ‘The Big Sick’ Without Losing Your Mind

The Big Sick is one of the most successful comedies of the decade.It was nominated for a Golden Globe, and its success has made the show a favorite among many

How to stop your brain from becoming a sitcom

Comedy off Broadway?You should try it.But you should probably stop doing it.Here’s why.1.Your brain is an incredibly creative place The brain is the best at processing visual information.It’s like a

How ‘Blazing Saddles’ became ‘Blaze’

When Bob Rubin first heard his new song ‘Blowing Saddles’, he didn’t realize that he’d be doing something he’d never done before: singing a classic Broadway musical.“I had never sung

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Comedy Central is the most popular TV network, with the channel being a perennial top choice for comedy fans and critics alike.Comedy Central’s lineup is a diverse group, from The

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Comedy Central Live Stream – All Episodes from the 2017 Oscars at cable network is airing the ceremony live and streaming all the major performances from the event on

Which Canadian TV Shows Are Worth Watching?

July 23, 2021 0 Comments

Comedy off Broadway and in the movies has been making waves in Canada for years.Here are our top five best Canadian TV shows to watch this year: The CW comedy

Comedian and TV personality Tyler Craig has died aged 67 after a short illness

July 1, 2021 0 Comments

Comedian Tyler Craigan has died after a battle with cancer.The 54-year-old died on Monday, the ABC reported.He had been in the ICU in Brisbane, aged in his mid-60s.In 2014, the