The Big Bang Theory is still going strong!

Comedians David Arnold and Jon Lovitz will reunite on NBC’s romantic comedy The Big Love.The two actors, who are also executive producers on the show, announced the show’s season premiere

How to watch “My Cousin Vinny” on Netflix with no problem

On Monday, Netflix announced that it was adding “My COUSIN VINNY” to its streaming catalog.The movie, based on the real-life sitcom starring James Gandolfini, premiered on Netflix on February 14

What’s next for the romance comedy genre?

A new wave of romantic comedys has begun to take hold.With the rise of the internet, the ability to share and collaborate on screenwriting, and the popularity of the format,

Booking site reveals list of upcoming events for June 23

August 8, 2021 0 Comments

On June 23, the University of Toronto will host its 2017 academic year, marking the end of the academic year for about 50,000 undergraduates.The university is also celebrating the opening

How to get the most out of a romantic comedy

August 2, 2021 0 Comments

Comedian Dave Smith has been hailed as a “hero” for a moment of clarity.But if he was a hero, it was only because he was the man who helped to