How to get your own dantean comedy store?

July 29, 2021 0 Comments

The comedian has the perfect outlet for his brand of irreverent humour: Comedy Central.The network has already made dantées a regular part of its comedy rotation, and has signed him

Watch your friends get caught on social media: the first year of #Tinder has been a huge success

July 28, 2021 0 Comments

What are you waiting for?Go ahead and try the new Tinder app!In just three short months, Tinder’s user base has soared to over one billion users worldwide, according to an

Alyssa Milano: ‘I Am Not a Feminist’

July 27, 2021 0 Comments

Alyssah Milano may have been on a hot streak for a few years now, but she says she’s not a feminist.In fact, she says, she doesn’t identify as a feminist

Which Canadian TV Shows Are Worth Watching?

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Comedy off Broadway and in the movies has been making waves in Canada for years.Here are our top five best Canadian TV shows to watch this year: The CW comedy

How to watch the Best Streaming Comedies on Netflix

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You can stream your favorite shows on Netflix in more ways than one.The streaming service launched in April, with its main app available to Android and iOS devices, and there

Which of the above would you rather drink?: Monique comedian or beer?

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Monique Comedienne (aka Monique) is a Canadian comedian and singer.Her songs have been used on the Comedy Central show “The Monique Show”.A native of Edmonton, Alberta, she has been touring

Why Gary Owens isn’t afraid to joke about his disability

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The comedian, who is a comic, was born with autism and has been battling the disorder for years.He has a variety of disabilities, including speech, speech-language pathology and muscular dystrophy,

How to watch the best comedy shows in China

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A new documentary has revealed the best TV comedy shows and movies in China.The film was produced by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and The Guardian, and features some of the

Why the ‘MMA’ fight wasn’t the best idea

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It was a big, loud, chaotic fight in the middle of the night.The UFC did what it had to do to beat the UFC, and that was to fight.This fight

‘It’s a very interesting world’: The world of Hulu comedy series on hbo

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With the release of ‘It’ll Be Good To Be Alive’, Hulu is turning to comedy series for its latest wave of programming.The network has already made a number of announcements